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Villiers Jets Review - The Truth About Villiers Private Jets Charter

This is a comprehensive Villiers Jets review, where we’ll cover the company, routes, pricing, pros and cons of their services, and how to charter a private jet with the company. Let’s dive in.

Villiers Jet Review | Flight Booking Company

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Company Review

Company Name: Villiers
Company Type: Aircraft Rental Service
Official Website: Villiersjets.com
Location: London SW6 3JA, United Kingdom 

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What You Should Know About Villiers Jets

Villiers Jets is the largest network of private aircraft in the world, comprising over 10,000 private aircraft connecting 40,000 destinations across the globe.

They make the private aircraft chartering process seamless and fast for their clients while giving them access to the best prices across the market.


Whether you want to book a quick trip from New York to Berlin, London to Nice, New York to Paris, Singapore to Zurich, or many other major destinations across the world, Villiers Jet has got you covered.

Their services connect 40,000 destinations across the world.

They also provide private VIP terminals that allow you to avoid lines and airport delays, allowing you to save time and travel without inconvenience.

You’ll also get to enjoy other in-flight luxury services that come with flying on a private jet.


You have access to real-time quotes and direct operator pricing on the company’s website, so you can easily compare prices and get the most competitive prices from their large network of private aircraft operators.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to pay a membership fee to enjoy the perks of using Villiers Jets’ services.

Villiers Jets Review | Fight Booking Company


Villiers Jets works with Part 135 and Part 121 certified operators to ensure industry-leading safety for customers during every flight.


  • Customers have access to real-time quotes and competitive private aircraft charter prices from multiple operators, all in one place.
  • Direct access to over 10,000 private aircraft flying to 40,000 destinations around the world.
  • Seamless private aircraft charter process on their website or via text, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • They have a team of aircraft charter experts that provide round-the-clock service and advice before booking to help you make informed decisions… while taking the stress out of the process of planning your trip.
  • Dedicated customer service to deal with your specific aircraft requirements during booking.
  • They provide both personal and shared flights. With the shared private flight option, the cost of your flight is offset by offering unused seats to other Villiers members.
  • Enjoy VIP services with private VIP terminals and other in-flight luxury services.
  • When you book a flight on an empty leg, you save a lot of money on your flight ticket.
  • You can travel with your pet.
  • They accept payment by bank transfer, credit card, or Bitcoin (so you can use your cryptocurrency to make payment).


  • Villiers Jets’ service is not accessible in every country across the world.
  • They do not offer flights to all the countries in the world.

How to Charter a Villiers Private Jet

Villiers Jets provides multiple ways to quickly and seamlessly charter a private aircraft.

You can charter a private jet for your trip in just a few simple steps on the company’s website.

And if you prefer texting, you can charter an aircraft through text (with direct access to your dedicated agent that’ll address your specific aircraft requirements).

Here’s a brief overview of the process of making a flight reservation with Villiers Jets. It only takes a few steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Villiers Jets’ official website.
  • Step 2: On the website’s homepage, you’ll choose to book either a One-Way, Return, or Multiple-Legs journey.
  • Step 3: Complete the necessary information about your flight, including the take-off location, destination, date, and number of passengers. You can also choose the aircraft type and age if you like. Then search for available flights to your destination.
  • Step 4: You’ll be prompted to fill in your name, email, and phone number (optional). After that, you’ll see the pricing page with prices from multiple operators as well as the luxury facilities on each aircraft. Compare the flight prices, then request quotes from any operator(s) of your choice.
  • Step 5: Next, pay for your ticket and complete the booking process for your flight.
  • Step 6: If you’re on a shared flight, complete the rest of the information and wait for the other passengers to be linked to you.

The flight booking process is not complicated, and you can reach out to a Villiers agent directly to make your flight reservation, too.


Villiers Jets gives you quick and easy access to a large network of private aircraft worldwide, which allows you to book your private jet flight at the most competitive prices.

Whether you’re going on vacation, an adventure, or a business trip, we recommend you check out Villiers Jets for your next private jet trip.